I am a… woman learning to be outspoken and truthful and brave after a lifetime of scars that held me back

I am a… mother to two sets of children, twenty-four years apart. I was a young, inexperienced mom to my grown daughters, and I am a fifty-year-old, inexperienced mom to my toddler twin boys. (There’s no experience that can prepare you for twins!)

I am a… coach’s wife riding out the highs and lows of the football grind.

I am a… high school English teacher, giving and taking lesson from young, energetic minds.

I am… postmodern because I defy conventions and so does my blog.  There is no set topic; it has no specific genre. I write about what moves me–  and motherhood moves me most often. Whether I’m waxing poetic about my two beautiful, successful adult daughters or penning the paradise and purgatory  of a twin set of toddler boys, the majority of my blog posts include them.  I explore the challenges of motherhood on my body, my sanity, and my lifestyle.

I also write about the challenges of being a football wife during season — no one knows unless they are inside the coaching circle just how many hours are consumed by the caring and keeping of a football team. The season leaves me bursting with pride and teaming with trials.

And finally, some of my most sacred and solid inspirations come from my students.  They  are juvenile gems, full of piss and potential. I love to help them sharpen their angles and shine their shimmer, and they keep me sharp and shiny, as well. They are weird and wise and willful… all the things I aspire to be.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me and my postmodern family life!