Last night, I watched the young man that we in Cartersville know and love take on the biggest disappointment of his young career. We witnessed the potential for victory build, saw the fight and grit and momentum swell, as play after play came through, carried them closer.

Until, the tide turned, the energy drained, fizzled to foam, and the game was lost.

But what I saw after… what I saw when our hometown guy pulled himself together to pull his teammates close… that was the true test of strength and grit and fight.

ESPN’s footage of Trevor Lawrence standing in the tunnel, grass-stained and weary, still helmeted and stinging from the loss, shaking the hands of his fellow players, hugging them and sharing love in the loss – that goes beyond any measure of strength, grit or fight. That’s pure grace.

Trevor Lawrence knows grace. He was saved by it. And he will lead others to it. That will be his legacy. That and a long line of future NFL victories.

We love you, Trevor. Thank you for sharing the beauty of grace.